Reinforcing ABA through the Web.
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TheraPigeon develops web-based applications to assist in the delivery of ABA services. We offer task automation and improved efficiency for clinicians and parents via our digital toolbox of therapy solutions.

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No velcro is required! The TheraPigeon TokenBoard is a free digital token economy with customizable tokens and reward animations. Since it runs on the web, send your clinician or learner parent a link to the site, and they will have instant access to a token board. This solution is ideal for telehealth. Share your screen with the client, and they will be able to see how close they are to earning their choice! TokenBoard also comes with timers for activities, a duration timer, and an interval timer for the delivery of non-contingent reinforcement. No need to carry everything on your person. We have put it right onto your computer/mobile device for instant access. Timers are minimizable to limit the number of stimuli present on the screen.


NoteGenerator is a dynamic session note generator built into the browser. Making a thorough, narrative-based note after every session can be time-consuming. With NoteGenerator, enter fractions for the programs run and instances of behaviors targeted for decrease. Hit generate at the bottom, and it instantly creates a unique and complete note for any session. This technology is a precursor to our more robust data collection system currently in development. In the future, these notes will dynamically generate data, along with automatic graphing.

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